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Respect for the environment, however, means more than not destroying it; it also means using it for good purposes.

We love the world we live in, and we do not
understand our business without taking care of what
surrounds us.


We believe in a growth supported by the methods and practices that protect the environment we are surrounded by.

We care about our clients’ needs the same way as we care about the place we live.


For us being sustainable is creating products which last a lifetime. On our planet, companies produce tons of clothing per year and more than half of them end up in the rubbish in less than one year.

That’s why our designs are based on raw materials which are respectful and high-quality ones, obsessively preserving the small details. We do things the way they did before in order to last longer.

Eco-friendly suppliers

One of our main obsessions is that our manufacturers and suppliers follow sustainable policies that respect the environment. We are proud of showing what’s behind every step in our manufacturing process. Traceability is not a marketing action for us, it is about making sure you only work with the best.

Recycling and zero waste

Recycling and reducing waste are some of our main goals. We try to minimize the waste in every process, which can affect the environment. Luckily all of our processes are handcrafted, therefore it is easier to aim for zero waste.

Zero plastic

At Café we avoid using any kind of plastics, period. Only if necessary, we use recycled and biodegradable plastics which come from ocean clean-ups that we help with.


We don’t have anything to hide but a lot to show. For us it’s important to open our doors and show how we work and how we transmit the values that represent us.


If we say it, we do it. We can’t say anything without
leading by example, and that is why the word
coherence is so important for us.

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