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Full Leather Apron Papua Black Coffee

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full leather black coffee apron yellow detail
full leather black coffee apron yellow detail
full leather black coffee apron yellow detail
full leather black coffee apron yellow detail
Full Leather Apron Papua Black Coffee

    The Papua Work Apron is handcrafted with special care to detail using Premium Vegetable Tanned Leather. The leather has been treated and tanned with natural elements such as acacia, quebracho, or mimosa. After its long tanning process, a laborious and meticulous manufacturing process is manually done in Ubrique (Cádiz – Spain). Because of the premium vegetable-tanned leather qualities, the Papua apron is ideal for any type of work that needs some protection.

    Each piece is unique, mainly because all the manufacturing processes, raw materials, and final products are handcrafted. Because of our vegetable tanned leather quality, you won’t imagine how beautiful it gets the patina with the age.
    The work apron can show slight differences in the color between one product and another, because each piece of leather is handcrafted, which makes each piece unique. In the same way, “imperfections” can appear on the product; these must be seen as a result of the exquisite quality of the leather. The quality of our premium vegetable-tanned leather makes the product improve over time and that’s the secret to our leather.


    Our Specialty leather is 100% vegetable-tanned. It comes only and exclusively from sustainable processes, following a rigorous selection process and using only artisanal methods. This leather will evolve over time and create a unique patina that will give it a very personal touch.


    • Specialty vegetable-tanned leather
    • 56 x 85 cm
    • Handcrafted in Spain

    Sick and tired of planned obsolescence, we decided to make our products last, like in the old times. Products based on the best raw materials, and the best artisan hands.

    Please note that we only use natural processes and materials, so the products can have slight variations in color and appearance.

    This should never be seen as an imperfection but as a unique natural character from each of the products we develop.


The quality of the product, as well as the design, are really good. I love the brand, most of the products. And when I gave one of them as a present, it was a success. Absolutely worth it and made in Spain.


Delighted with the products I bought! I made an exchange for a product that I liked the most, and everything was very quick and easy!


I am delighted to have known your products, with how difficult it is always to give good gifts to a boy, here I have found the ideal place. The quality, the finishes, the details, the service, and to finish off the careful packaging. A luxury!