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Crochet Driving Gloves "Triton" in Roasted

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    crochet driving gloves
    Crochet Driving Gloves "Triton" in Roasted
    crochet driving gloves
    crochet driving gloves
    crochet driving gloves
    crochet driving gloves
    Crochet Driving Gloves "Triton" in Roasted

      The Crochet Driving Gloves “Triton”, or the most authentic gloves in our portfolio.

      These Crochet Driving Gloves are hand sewed in the most traditional way, using the finest Organic Cotton you can find. Inspired by classic racing, these crochet driving gloves are perfect for summer days. The crochet and the specialty leather, are incredibly pleasant to the touch. It also comes with a Cobrax Original closure, and the elastic zone by the wrist provides security and increases comfort.

      The perforated leather and the crochet allow greater perspiration. Undoubtedly, our crochet driving gloves will delight any motor world passionate.


      Invented in the 1920s as a method for producing a cheap substitute for traditional lace, crochet struggled to shake off its reputation as an inferior craft. Nowadays it is one of the most valuable ways to sew because of its complexity. We make these crochet driving gloves using the finest organic cotton and the best artisan hands, making every piece of crochet unique. Our Specialty leather is produced in the most sustainable and traditional way. We only use 100% vegetable tanned leather, coming exclusively from sustainable processes, following a rigorous selection process, and using only artisanal methods. This leather will evolve over time creating a unique patina that will give it a very personal touch.


      • Hand-stitched Crochet with Organic Cotton
      • Specialty Vegetable-Tanned Leather
      • Original Cobrax closure
      • Outside sewing
      • Gütermann Thread
      • Elastic band for a better fit
      • Palm stitching for better grip
      • Perforated leather for better breathability
      • Sizes: S / M / L Handcrafted in Spain

      Sick and tired of planned obsolescence, we decided to make our products last, like in the old times. Products based on the best raw materials, and the best artisan hands.

      Please note that we only use natural processes and materials, so the products can have slight variations in color and appearance.

      This should never be seen as an imperfection but as a unique natural character from each of the products we develop.


    These were a present for my husband. He is very happy with the gloves, which are very comfortable to wear. The size is perfect and the material is of the highest quality. In the very hot weather we are experiencing, he is particularly happy not to sweat on the steering wheel of his new car!

    Amanda D.

    I was originally going to purchase another brand. When I found the café brand I took a punt .. they are actually phenomenal and so comfortable and soft without puckering! In your palms
    I drive a performance cobra ( timber wheel) with them and they have exceeded my expectations. I will now be sticking with café for more purchases.

    John S.

    I literally love those crochet gloves that make you feel like you're driving an exceptional priceless car like in the old golden days.
    Without mentioning, of course, the comfort they provide especially in the summer when the steering wheel is burning hot!

    Fabrice N.