Café Leather and Audi come together to create the perfect Welcome Pack

Over a year ago, Audi approached Café Leather with an exciting opportunity to collaborate on the development of a new Welcome Pack for their range of RS sports cars. As passionate enthusiasts of the brand, we were thrilled to be involved in this project as we both share the same values. The tradition and legacy of Audi Sport, their commitment to excellence, and their ability to infuse competition into everyday life have always captivated us.

Café for Audi RS Limited Edition Triton Driving Gloves

Months of close collaboration with the Audi design team have resulted in a product that truly embodies the essence of both brands. Introducing the Café for Audi RS Limited Edition Triton Driving Gloves, meticulously crafted by hand using our finest vegetable-tanned leather and our Specialty Suede that remember us of the Audi RS interiors.

We always say that when two brands have the same philosophy, it is easy to create something special that can impress every customer, but in this case, the result has far exceeded our expectations. The care for details, respect for things well done, the artisan tradition, and its 100% sustainable approach have helped everything go smoothly.

This exclusive Limited Edition Café for Audi RS driving gloves is only available for Audi RS customers and will come as part of the Welcome Pack, including an Audi Driving Experience. In case you like this collaboration, we aim you to check out our suede driving gloves:

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Celebrating Tradition, Excellence, and Competition

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Audi RS for placing their trust in us and to the entire team involved in making this project a reality. It has been an incredible journey, and we are honored to have been a part of it.