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Cordovan Strap Padded in OxBlood

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    Cordovan Strap Padded in OxBlood
    Cordovan Strap Padded in OxBlood
    Cordovan Strap Padded in OxBlood
    Cordovan Strap Padded in OxBlood
    Cordovan Strap Padded in OxBlood
    cordovan strap padded artisan 2
    Cordovan Strap Padded in OxBlood

      Hand-sewn stitch by stitch, our Cordovan leather straps are made by a master watchmaker artisan. They select the best Cordovan shells that come from the most exclusive manufacturers in the world such as Horween, a family factory from Chicago (USA) born in 1905.

      Distinguished by its limited supply, Shell Cordovan is regarded as the finest material with highly desirable qualities. Shells are tanned, stuffed, shaved, and polished over a six-month process by skilled artisans. Its unparalleled strength and resilience ensure it endures even the most challenging days and can span generations. With a unique resistance to creasing and the ability to regain a brilliant luster when polished, products crafted from Shell Cordovan improve with age as they develop a rich patina.


      Shell Cordovan originates from a fibrous flat muscle beneath the rump. The yield consists of two small, irregularly shaped oval shells that undergo an extensive six-month tanning process involving approximately 100 intricate steps, transforming them from raw materials into finished products. The process starts with vegetable tanning, where the hides are often left to soak for months. Subsequently, a unique blend of greases and oils is meticulously applied, followed by meticulous hand treatment and hot stuffing with waxes and other conditioning agents. Pure aniline dyes are painstakingly hand-rubbed onto the shells, culminating in a hand-glazed finish that imparts a polished and smooth surface.


      • Finest Horween Shell Cordovan
      • Hand Stitched by Master Artisans
      • Padded Foam for Better Comfort
      • Gütermann Thread
      • Polished Buckle

      Sick and tired of planned obsolescence, we make our products to last, like in the old times. Products based on the best raw materials, and the best artisan hands. Please note: At Café we use the best raw materials, therefore you should know that leather is a natural material that varies in color, appearance, and texture. All products will go through a natural color change because of the vegetable tanning process, and due to this natural dye, each specialty good will evolve creating, a unique patina that will give it a very personal touch. Please expect variations in tones and appearance. Café cannot guarantee that the color shown portrays the true color of the product.

    Greatest Watch Straps on the market
    Love the quality of this strap, feels great already, can't wait for the patina on it! Gracias!

    Pablo P.

    Great watch strap with a splash of color
    The strap arrived promptly, the color is a wonderful red, high-quality leather. I’d buy it again!

    Michael S.

    Very happy with this purchase. The quality is excellent on this strap and it works great with many different styles. I'm sure it will last for many years and wear in beautifully.

    Louis M.