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Inspired by the work briefcases, this 48-hour waxed canvas and leather briefcase is a product that will last a lifetime. A sustainable investment that will only improve over time thanks to the Vegetable Tanned Leather and its Waxed 18oZ Canvas. The same fabric that Scottish sailors used in the 15th century to protect themselves from the winds and storms. Organic cotton fabric impregnated with beeswax gives it unique qualities, among others, waterproofing. The hardware is made of solid brass and hammered copper rivets, making it practically unbreakable.

Perfect both for your day-to-day in the city or in the countryside, with an ergonomic design, focused on comfort, thanks to its shoulder strap and its handle, without forgetting the trolley strap. So you can carry weight for hours without hardly noticing.

The briefcase is quite spacious. It consists of 3 outer pockets, two on the sides and the main one with a YKK Excella polished zipper that is divided inside into another 4 pockets. Perfect for storing your laptop, documents, devices, cables, even some clothes, shoes, or cameras.

This is probably the last briefcase you will need for the rest of your life because no matter how many years go by, it will get better with time.


Originally the concept of the waxed canvas has been developed at the beginning of XV. Century by English sailors.
The fleets of North Sea Scottish Herring, who operated from the ports on the east coast, began treating the linen cloth with fish oils and animal fats in an attempt to waterproof their sails, keeping them light and efficient. When these sails were broken by use, their pieces were used as layers to resist strong winds and sea mist, keeping sailors warm and dry.
These layers were the pioneer of the famous raincoat fishermen used to wear during their working hours.

Solid Brass is metal based on the alloy of Copper and Zinc. Its applications include various fields, but it has undoubtedly been one of the raw materials par excellence for ships, telescopes, screws, and various instruments for the past centuries. A metal also with soul, through which you will see time pass creating a beautiful patina.


  • 18oZ Organic Waxed Canvas
  • Premium Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • YKK Excella Polished Zipper
  • Solid Brass Hardware
  • Hand-hammered Copper Rivets
  • Original Cobrax Closure
  • Gütermann Thread
  • 40x30x20,5cm
  • Handcrafted in Spain

"Made to last" guarantee

Sick and tired of planned obsolescence, we make our products to last, like in the old times. Products based on the best raw materials, and the best artisan hands. If you receive a defective product or encounter damage beyond normal wear and tear, we offer free repairs and/or replacements.

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Marta M.

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Everything I have to say about Cafe Leather is positive. The product, in addition to having exceptional quality, is sustainable, takes care of details, and is attentive to trends and originality. Exquisite shipping, packed and fast. And customer service, flawless. A discovery that I will undoubtedly recommend and to which I will return because collaborating with something made with so much care is very enjoyable and you want to repeat and tell about it.

Angel D.

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Excellent company with high-quality products... I already ordered Caps, Shirts, sweatshirts, and leather driver-gloves, but I'm mainly in love with my weekender. Always satisfied with the quick shipping procedure, the packaging, and the quality of each product.

Santiago H.

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When you suddenly see something simple, you like it and you don't quite understand why ... It is simply because there is a lot of work and effort behind it. Congratulations guys, I didn't like a style project idea for a long time.

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