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The organic cotton T-shirt “Choose to Reuse” is one of the items that belong to our Pioneers capsule, the result of our collaboration with the artist Manu Campa. The T-shirt is made of 100% organic cotton and incorporates small details of our characteristic leather. Through this capsule, we pay tribute to great pioneers of motor history who dared to do what no one had done until then.

“Choose to Reuse” is a term that refers to the Belly Tanks. During WWII, German pilots got rid of the extra gas tanks, to make the flight lighter. These tanks made of high-quality aluminum ended up being reused for their aerodynamic shape. Bill Burke, a Californian who had competed since 1937 in the dry lake races (Mojave Desert, California) had the ingenuity to create the first Belly Tank with these tanks and parts of the first Hot Rods (Ford A and Ford T). His first vehicle reached 210 km/h and was the predecessor of this ‘movement’.


Materials: 100% Organic Cotton / Premium Washable Leather

Size: Manu is wearing an “M” size.

Weight 0.15 g

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