Yes, not black, GREEN. As you know, we are not a brand of discounts. We do not believe in compulsive buying and neither in planned obsolescence. We believe in products that last a lifetime, in fair prices that have coherence with the quality of the product, and in buying only what we really need. Just as it is supposed to be, buy essentials that can be timeless, so you can avoid leaving 40% of your wardrobe without even wearing it once.

That’s why we decide to recycle the well-known Black Friday. Even we work in the most sustainable way and our carbon footprint is minimum, we want this carbon footprint negative by giving the 5% of our sales these days to reforest.

Why green friday…

The Fashion Industry was responsible for some 2.1 billion metric tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2018, about 4 percent of the global total.

To set that in context. The fashion industry emits about the same quantity of GHGs per year as the entire economies of France, Germany, and the United Kingdom combined.

As the need to address climate change becomes more urgent, at Café, we want to change how we understand Black Friday and convert it from a compulsive period of sales into social-minded action.

A day not just to think about us, but also about the planet we live on,

it is not about not buying it’s about buying conscious and from brands/artisans that have a sustainable way to see their business, making products with care, using the finest materials, and making them last a lifetime.

Every one of us has an impact on the world in various ways. You may not realize it, but each day, from the moment a store opens its doors, we’re contributing to contaminating. That’s why all of our processes are artisanal and sustainable.

And in order to change how we understand Black Friday, our GREEN FRIDAY, we will donate +5% of our sales these days to reforesting.



Buy always from climate-conscious brands:

Our artisanal processes are sustainable and have a low impact.

We are sustainable and committed to improving our process every year and reducing to Zero our impact.


Shop locally and artisanally made products:

We avoid unnecessary carbon emissions. By handcrafting our products locally, most of our products travel short distances.


“What’s cheap, turn out to be expensive”:

Do not look just for discounts. Look for products that last a lifetime. What’s either cheap or sustainable. We do not offer big discounts, because we have fair prices all year


Donate or help somehow to live in a better world:

At least once a year, not a big effort from our side, such a big change for the world. As said, this year, we will donate 5% of our sales to a reforesting program so that we can offset any carbon emissions that have already been made.

Will you help us to

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